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¿What to put in a hospital bag for baby, mum and birth partner?

Whether you start thinking about the hospital bag for your baby well in advance or nearer your Estimated Date of Birth, don't worry, you have time to prepare it and make sure you have what you need. I recommend having it ready (at least with the essentials) around week 37 because the baby can come at any time from this week onwards.

It always seems to us that we have to buy endless things for our babies, from the pram, a sleepyhead and some new gadget that has recently come out! But is everything so necessary? The good news is that NO, actually what your baby needs the most is you (and your partner) but mainly you. Your baby has been inside you for months, she is used to your smell, your voice, to you! Now she enters a new world where she'll have new sensations such as hunger and thirst, she'll hear new and louder noises and voices that she doesn't know,... So although it may seem obvious, the main thing is that you are there . Even so, of course there are things you need in your first hours of life, so here we go….

For baby:

  • Nappies (allow 12 a day)

  • 2 or 3 sleepsuits

  • 2 or 3 vests

  • Muslin squares

  • 1 pair socks or booties

  • Mittens to avoid scratching their face if they have long nails (some sleepsuits have them included)

  • An outfit for going home

  • Blanket or shawl

  • Jacket for winter babies

  • Hat

  • Coconut oil or other natural oil in case there are any sore areas

  • Toiletry bag: organic water wipes, cotton towel, cream, soft hair brush

  • Laundry bag

  • Car seat

And what do I need? Well, here I go with many practical things that you won't find elsewhere:

For mum:


  • Hospital notes

  • Hypnobirthing folder / notes

  • Birth plan

  • The Hypnobirthing Book

  • MP3 audio

  • Cash for car park just in case

  • Eye mask for transfer to hospital

  • Headphones to listen to audio / birth playlist

  • Lip balm as your mouth and lips might go dry

  • Nightdress / pyjamas (short sleeves and long sleeves options)

  • Slippers

  • Dressing gown

  • Socks

  • Earplugs

  • Snacks: bananas, blueberries, cereal bars, yogurts, sweets, honey to add in tea or whatever you like

  • Drinks: bottle of water, Ribena juices, Lucozade

  • Bendy drinking straws

  • iPad or tablet

  • Phone and charger

  • A magazine or two

  • Tissues

  • Essential oil of lavender (or other) in a damp flannel, diffuser, humidifier or on your palm

  • Your pillow

  • Birth ball (check with hospital if they have them)

  • Spare pillows in the car (in case of need)

  • Positive affirmations

  • Pictures or videos of family members, friends,... anything that will make you smile

  • TENS machine

After birth

  • Padsicles DIY: ask me about it! Ingredients: extra large over night pads, Tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, lavender oil

  • 2 or 3 nursing bras

  • Breast pads

  • Nipple cream (e.g. Lansinoh HPA lanolin)

  • Stretch mark lotion

  • Maternity pads (2 packs)

  • Front opening night shirt or pyjamas

  • Toiletries: Toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel that smells good and moisturiser (treat yourself!), hairbrush, scrunchies or hair clips, cocoa butter for the lips, deodorant and some makeup if you use it

  • Lipstick (and makeup) to feel good and confident (well-being is important after all!)

  • Comfy / full cotton knickers

  • Clothes for going home (you won’t fit into your normal clothes yet)

Birth partner:

  • Phone & charger

  • Camera

  • Toiletries

  • Shaving gear

  • Book

  • Tablet (but don’t be tempted to play with it when she needs your care and attention)

  • Swimwear in case you want to go into the birthing pool

  • Snacks & water

Would you like to know more about hypnobirthing? Check out the upcoming courses all available via Zoom for now.

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