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Kate Middleton Podcast and the use of hypnobirthing for her three births

Actualizado: 25 de mar de 2020

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, spoke today (15 February 2020) on Giovanna Fletcher's ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ podcast about all things motherhood. She spoke from a very personal point of view, sharing some feelings about being a mum and her personal childhood memories.

She said that mental health plays a big role in the happiness of children: “what we experience in our childhood really has a life-long impact on our happiness, even in pregnancy”. She recognises the effect that healthy eating or levels of stress can have on our babies. The emotional well-being of a mum has an impact and this one of the reasons why she did hypnobirthing for her three pregnancies with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. There have been rumours about her use of hypnobirthing in the past and it’s great to hear more about it from the Duchess herself. Is this why she looked so brilliant and calm so soon after her three births? When she is asked whether she did hypnobirthing, she says: “Yes I did, well it was through Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe morning sickness) that I really realized the power of the mind over the body, because I really had to try anything and everything… to help me through it”. “I saw the power of it, the meditation, the deep breathing that they teach you in hypnobirthing… helped me to take control over labour. It was hugely powerful.” She even talks about labour as an enjoyable moment, which is great to hear from her because I personally also experienced birth this way, as do so many other mums who practice hypnobirthing - although this of course is accompanied by hard work and intensity on the day. Kate talks about how the quality of relationships and the environment where you spend that time are so important for children. I believe these principles also apply during pregnancy; the importance of stopping and having a moment every day when you do your hypnobirthing practice to connect with your baby and have this quality time that seems so hard to come by in our modern lives. It also allows you to get off on the right foot with parenthood, taking responsibility for your birth and your baby before she is born. Kate also talks about how in childhood, it’s the really simple things that matter and those are the things that make the difference and are remembered in the future. When listening to her you realise that whether you are born in the Royal Family, in a poor town or in middle-class London, ultimately we’re all the same as people, and simplicity is the key to success. And this is what hypnobirthing is about, going back to basics and making birth a simpler event to what we’ve learnt - rewind and unlearn. Hypnobirthing gives babies the best start to life because those early years are important and those early moments in life have a crucial impact.

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